Monday, May 13, 2013


tajuk: Yasmin How You Know?

penulis: ramai penulis

penerbit: Leo Burnett-Arc Malaysia

harga: RM35

muka surat: 192 halaman


"Yasmin How You Know? " is a compilation of Yasmin's apparent ridiculousness but which are actually gem of her wisdom and wit. Contributed by those close to her, you may notice some are written in present tense - because to them, she's still very much alive - just not in a physical sense.

the anecdotes here range from her days as a student, her many different phases in life, right up to the day of her passing. You'll find poems which Yasmin wrote, and photographs which she took (many may not know Yasmin was an accomplished poet and photographer). Also included are the last two TV commercial scripts written by her.

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