Sunday, September 29, 2013


tajuk: Wedding Speech

penulis: Khaliza Khalid

penerbit: Fixi Novo

harga: RM19.90

muka surat: 268 halaman


i finally find a piece of paper but i frown. no pen. khaira who's been
watching me figures i'm in distress. she fishes out a pink stick
from one of her pockets and offers it to me.
my left palm as surface, i use my daughter's my little pony pen to
scribble a few words on the paper. man! i feel gay. now i really look
like a gay wedding planner. once done, i hand back the pen to
khaira and scan what i wrote.
six words.
that will get me lynched.
two days to go and those are all i can come up with. i must be an
idiot. inhaling deeply, i mentally psyche myself i can do it. do i have
a choice? if i don't deliver the wedding speech, my fiancee kelly's
going to ice me. if i do, the guests will probably do it for her.

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