Wednesday, December 18, 2013


tajuk: Current Issues in the Islamic World (4th siries): Islam & Interfaith Marriage

penyusun: Al-Mustaqeem Mahmod Radhi & Khairul Anam Che Mentri

terbitan: MEGC

harga: RM4

muka surat: 42 halaman


The series "Current Issues in the Islamic World" is born from the events, from the current of uneasiness and fear that often sparks by religion dan hardliners' interpretation of its message. The booklets in this series offer a more enlighten peprspective of religion. This is an attempt to highlight the human dimension of the religious message to its widest extend.


1. Introduction
2. Marriage in the Quran
3. Interfaith Marriage among the Prophet's Companion
4. Interfaith Marriage in the Hadith
5. The Reasons Behind the Prohibition of Interfaith Marriage
6. The Definition of Islam
7. Interfaith Marriage is not encouraged
8. Marriage in Islam
9. Conclusion
10. Glossary

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